Chemistry and Chemical Engineering



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Edward A. Evans EDPlasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Chemical Reaction Engineering,
Polymer Thin Film Deposition and Modification (future)
Carbon Thin Film Deposition
Nitride Film Growth
Metallic Thin Films
 University of Akron (U.S.A)
Ajit Sadana Ajit SadanaBiosensors

University of Mississippi(U.S.A)

Marek Dziubiński Marek DziubińskiTwo-phase flow of gas-liquid mixture
Microfluidic (single and two-phase flow in minichannels)
Rheology and rheometry of non-Newtonian liquids
Sedimentation and fluidization
Process safety engineering
Renewable energy
Technical University of Lodz (Poland)
Mohamad Z. Zineddin


 Mohamad Z. ZineddinPhysical Security, Blast, Shock and Impact Mitigation
Force Protection Engineering
Blast Resistant Building Systems
Explosive Safety for Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemical Facilities
Computer Modeling and Simulations
Development of standard for blast protection of buildings
Nonlinear behavior of structures under impulsive loads
Khalifa University (UAE)
John B. SappHead of Chemistry Department, Texas Southern University.Texas Southern University (U.S.A)
Hans T KarlssonChemical and Environmental Eng. DepartmentLund University(Sweden)
Gholam PahlavanUntitledDepartment Chair of Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics,Geology, Engineering, and Astronomy, S115

Houston Community College/ University of Houston


Vladimir Alvarado  Vladimir AlvaradoPetroleum Engineering, Reservoir EngineeringUniversity of Wyoming

Behrooz RoozbehaniBehrooz RoozbehaniWaste plastic management, CO2 and SO2 Capturing, Reaction Engineering, Pyrolysis, Polymers Degradation, Environmentally Friendly ProcessesHouston Community College /Case Western Reserve University(U.S.A)/ Petroleum University of Technology (Iran)