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Abstract In this work, Cd (II) adsorption from aqueous solutions was studied on three Algerian clays: bentonite, kaolin and clay of Djebal Debbagh. Using batch process, these materials were characterized by different methods infrared spectroscopy, X -ray fluorescence, measure of Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and specific area, the Adsorption tests […]

Effects of Algerian Clays Properties on the Adsorption of Cd ...

Abstract Biosurfactant are amphiphiles produced by microorganism. They are widely used in cleanup process of organic and inorganic contaminants like metals and hydrocarbons. In this study, biosurfactants were produced from local microorganism in laboratory conditions and glass flasks. Contaminated soil or sludge was taken from the sediment tank of Abadan […]

Production of Biosurfactants from Oil Sludge Using Isolated Pseudomonas