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corresponding Author: Abstract: The existence of high viscous heavy crude oil in high amount in Kurdistan/ Iraq reservoir attract the petroleum companies to extract and produce it. The heavy crude oil is a complex fluid with viscosity higher than the conventional oil. Where the viscosity of this type of oil […]

79 To What Extent Could Methanol , Toluene and ...

corresponding Author: Abstract: The Oil Price Information Service reports that there are 1,296 terminals storing transportation fuel nationwide. These terminals are constantly receiving, storing, and dispensing fuels. Over 1,200 of these terminals are either storing ethanol or are capable of storing it. Terminal equipment includes piping, valves, meters, pumps, […]

61 Influence of Ship Fueling Terminals at Western Coast ...

corresponding Author: Abstract: The pricing of marine port infrastructure services is one of the most important aspects that occupy the mind of port administrations and port authorities and is one of the most controversial aspects of the global economy discussions are currently focused on the extent to which mergers and […]

46 The Importance of Financial Dimensions of Sea Ports

corresponding Author: Abstract: After the repeated repercussions resulting from the breach of the security system of sea ports and the resulting loss of confidence in the most important component of the maritime transport system, namely ports and negative results that may penetrate between the components of the system and thus […]

15 Measurement of the Gap between the Current Capabilities ...

corresponding Author: Abstract: Container terminal management is a very complex process involving many vital decisions to develop many appropriate solutions to increase plant productivity. There is a special allocation for the spaces of the places where containers are collected. Here is the problem of what the allocated area is. Then […]

3 The Impact of Simulators on Container Productivity