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Abstract In this study, process asymmetric hollow fiber poly sulfone(PSf) membranes using ethanol (0and 2 wt%) as non-solvent additive in the polymer dope via phase inversion method were fabricated. Aqueous solution of 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidine (NMP, >99.5%) was applied as a bore fluid and water was used as the external coagulant. The […]

Experimental Study on Chemical Carbon Dioxide Absorption Using Porous Polysulfone ...

Abstract:   In this paper, we perform dynamic imbibition simulations on a large scale heterogeneous fractured block. The purpose is to seek optimum conditions under which maximum oil can be recovered in large-scale extremely-heterogeneous reservoirs. In this paper, we only consider horizontal wells. However, we simulate both continuous and slug injection […]

Investigation of Heterogeneous Fractured Blocks

Abstract:   In this paper, firstly the effect of nano materials on surfactant adsorption and then, the effect of surfactant injection associate with nano particles on the enhanced oil recovery is studied. For this, several series of laboratory tests under the temperature and pressure of 50°F and 2500 Psia is performed. […]

Experimental Study of Oil Recovery with SDS

Abstract:  Glycerol is a by-product of biodiesel industry which can still be further processed into more value-added products. An example of glycerol utilization is esterification of glycerol and oleic acid with the addition of methyl ester sulfonic acid (MESA) catalyst to produce glycerol ester. The purpose of this study was […]

Preliminary Study on the Effects of Palm Methyl Ester Sulfonic ...