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Abstract: By use up novel catalyst the pyrolysis of mixed plastics has been reflected as an effective approach to convert waste plastics into environmental responsive and industrially valuable hydrocarbon gas and liquid products. Catalytic degradation is a hopeful alternative for municipal plastic wastes recycling. Further than 97% of a polymer […]

Catalytic Degradation of Mixed Polymers into Environmental Friendly and ...

Abstract: Nanofluid is a new class of heat transfer fluids engineered by dispersing metallic or nano_ metallic nanoparticles with a typical size of less than 100 nm in the conventional heat transfer fluids.In order to study the heat transfer behavior of the nanofluids, precise values of thermal and physical properties […]

Comparing Mathematical Models to Calculate the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids

Abstract: This paper talks about the sludge characteristics and conventional methods for remediation of oil from sludge and also the main part of the study is focused on the previous literatures to describe the most recent researches in oily sludge remediation process. Conventional characterization parameters can be grouped in physical, […]

The Most Recent Researches in Oily Sludge Remediation Process