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Abstract: Nano-CoFe2O4 is an active, stable, and reusable catalyst for selective oxidations of alcohols applying Oxone (potassium hydrogen monopersulfat) as oxidant in the presence of acetonitrile as the solvent at room temperature. Primary and secondary aromatic and aliphatic alcohols gave the corresponding products in good yields. In addition, the catalysts […]

Oxidation of Alcohols in the Presence of Magnetic CoFe2O4 Nano-Particles

Abstract:  In recent years the interest in water alternating gas (WAG) injection as tertiary recovery method has increased. This method has been applied successfully in many fields around the world. The WAG process results in three-phase flow, of which the mechanisms are still not well understood. Therefore; it is important […]

Field-Scale Simulation of WAG Using Pore-Scale Network Modelling

Abstract: The forced convection of fluids has been investigated by numerous researchers, both experimentally and numerically. A good understanding of characteristics of nanofluid flowhas thoroughly been investigated in these studies. In recent years, many researchers have tried to fill the gaps on this subject in the literature. This paper reports […]

Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Nano fluids: A Review of ...

Abstract: This research aim to utilize banana peels as main material of edible film. Banana peels are combinated with gliserol as plasticizer and clove oil as antimicrobial. Plasticizer make edible film  more elastic and flexible. Clove oil as preservative of edible film that prevent growth of microba, bactery, and mushroom. […]

Antimicrobial Edible Film from Banana Peels as Food Packaging

Abstract: Fuel cell based modular power generation can be achieved by miniaturization and process intensification of equipment in the process. Fuel cells require hydrogen rich gas which can be generated through reforming and water gas shift reaction. The goal of this study is to point out the effect of the […]

Modeling Studies on the Fixed Bed Membrane Reactor for WGSR-based ...

Abstract: Coconut fibers or coir was examined to determine its potential value for pulp and papermaking. Alkali pulping was investigated by using caustic soda on a laboratory scale and then the pulp was beaten in a PFI mill at 0, 750, 1500, 3000 and 10000 revs. The fiber parameters were […]

Effect of Beating on Coir Handsheet Properties

Abstract: This paper presents analyzes the behaviour of a photovoltaic device (cell or module) under partial shading conditions. It can be used as a tool to study the effects of partial shading conditions on PV panels to optimize its operation. However, PV performance is often affected by solar insolation and […]

Photovoltaic Energy Generation Under Partial Shading Conditions