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Abstract The application of glycerol by-product of palm oil biodiesel industry in drilling fluid was carried out in this work. Glycerol will be utilized as a new alternative base fluid for Synthetic-Based Mud (SBM) and lubricant for Water-Based Mud (WBM). Due to the poor quality of crude glycerol from palm […]

Innovation of Purified Glycerol Palm Oil in Drilling Fluid System

Abstract The development of an OBM from glycerol was carried out in this work. Glycerol used in this study, which is by-product of palm oil biodiesel industry, is a new alternative for OBM. In this study, crude glycerol will be purified using H3PO4 solution to increase the purity of glycerol […]

Application of Glycerol by-product of Biodiesel Palm Oil as Potential ...

Abstract   Andrographolide of Andrographis paniculata is reported has a broad category of pharmacological activity. Various attemps have been done in order to improve the andrographolide extraction performance. Hydrotropic-microwave assisted extraction provides an effective method in andrographolide extraction. In this study, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) along with central composite design […]

The Application of Response Surface Methodology in Hydrotropic Microwave Assisted ...

Abstract The industrial scale equipment design of P. cubeba essential oil extraction by microwave assisted hydrodistillation (MAHD), as a relatively new extraction method, requires quantitative description of the mass transfer as well as explorative studies focusing on process optimization. The quantitative modeling was generated by several mathematical diffusion formulas and […]

Extraction of P. Cubeba Essential Oil by Microwave Assisted Hydrodistillation: ...

Abstract As the technology advances, the natural dye substance now replaced by the synthetic dyeing substance. The using of natural dyeing substance, however still maintained especially in the process of making batik. Batik fabric which made by natural dye substance is more expensive due to its highly artistic value, non […]

The Optimization of Synthetic Indigo Dye Using Phosphate Acid Catalyst

Abstract Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) was used as catalyst for the hydration of α-pinene from turpentin oil using water as hydroxyl donor. The reaction was performed in batch reactor at 70oC, using aquous aceton as solvent. The TCA catalyst converted α-pinene into hydrocar­bons, while the TCA catalyst was active and selective […]

Turpentine Oil Hydration Using Trichloroacetic Acid as Catalyst

Abstract Chain length distribution is an important factor affecting the polymer product properties. A Monte Carlo method was applied to predict the chain length distribution in the step growth polymerization product under isothermal condition. The results for small time of polymerization were compared to the results of kinetics modeling. It […]

Predicting Chain Length Distribution in Step Growth Polymerization by Monte ...

Abstract Prediction and analysis of wellbore stability is considered as a critical and significant issue in drilling engineering. Loss of well due to instability prompts high expenditure and ceases drilling operation. Effective parameters on wellbore stability are in situ stress, pore pressure, rock strength, drilling mud pressure, and well path. […]

Analysis of Vertical, Horizontal and Deviated Wellbores Stability

Abstract                              Mineral beneficiation processing such as coal, gold, copper, iron, and a host of other ores are aqueous separation processes which usually require huge volumes of water that are continually recycled. Scale formation in process lines […]

Energy Conservation in Fluid Process Plants by Hydraulic Optimization