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  Abstract Huge storage tanks containing crude oil and petrochemicals have always been a great threat to refineries and petrochemical companies. Due to their big capacities and possibility of fire occurrence, they were widely studied by scientists in the world. Boilover phenomenon that indicates fire initiation in water bed and […]

Boilover in Storage Tanks: Occurrence, Consequences and Predictions

  Abstract Nowadays, hydroprocessing is one of the most significant methods in refining petroleum and plays a pivotal role in petroleum industry. Hydrocracking is used to remove feed contaminants (nitrogen, sulfur, metals) and to convert low value gas oils to valuable products. However, being so expensive, the method was disregarded […]

Advent of Nanocatalysts in Hydrotreating Process: Benefits and Developments

  Abstract The flow characteristics of some commonly used polymers in the enhanced oil recovery were investigated. Two different types of polymer were selected, Alcoflood and Xanthan gum. Rheostress RS100 was used for measuring and analyzing the experimental measurements. A cone and plate of RS100 rheometer under control shear rate […]

Flow Behavior Comparison of Xanthan and Alcoflood Polymers Aqueous Solutions