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Petrotex Society was established in Houston, Texas in 2005 and now it has grown to run its representative offices in Netherlands, Jordan, China, and Mexico. The publications of the institute includes journals focusing on energy, environment, chemical technologies and chemical engineering.

All universities and scientific associations worldwide are invited to join our international society. The members will be awarded the subscription of Petrotex newsletters regarding the above fields for one year. They will be given membership cards and may benefit from training courses that we are planning to hold in different universities and institutes worldwide.

You can be the first person in your country that has the chance to work with us and create a Petrotex office for later cooperation. Just let us know about your abilities. Membership is free for those who can present our mission and vision in their institutes and universities; that is called a first degree or platinum membership.

Petrotex is going to provide an outstanding opportunity for researchers, students and industry experts to report novel and applied technologies in related journals and conferences and also training courses. Through these activities we’re planning to extend the accessibility of knowledge worldwide for all students and beginners who are interested.

Membership Instructions:

1. Please complete Form one to join Petrotex Society.

2. The Second Form shows your final membership level and benefits that Petrotex Society will prepare for you during one year subscription.

Please send us the second form to to complete all required steps of your case and finalize the process of Petrotex Society membership.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!