46 The Importance of Financial Dimensions of Sea Ports

corresponding Author: Aelentably@kau.edu.sa


The pricing of marine port infrastructure services is one of the most important aspects that occupy the mind of port administrations and port authorities and is one of the most controversial aspects of the global economy discussions are currently focused on the extent to which mergers and homogeneity are created between the economic impacts of development and investment in infrastructure, cost recovery mechanisms and rules in developed countries and economic zones. In general and periodically, the mechanisms of public investment must be reviewed and the role assigned to them, Infrastructure services, especially in the area of seaports and the huge expenditures required to meet the requirements of the huge technological development of both port equipment and the technological development of ships on these ports, The present paper is based on the development of mechanisms on how to adopt the marginal cost of marine port infrastructure as a basis and reliable pricing rules to achieve the concept of marginal cost recovery and is introduced as a criterion for fair competition among private and single-seaport ports as a principle of competition in the quality of port services By means of its large infrastructure, as well as to ensure a greater range of transparency of the accounting systems in the operation of ports. It is therefore possible to rely on statistics from those ports and to maintain competition in port infrastructure investments.

Keywords: competition; cost recovery; infrastructure.




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