88 Synthesis and Reactivity of Tetrakis Oxirane (Ylmehtyl) BisPhenyl Carbonodihydrazide (TOY-BPCH) Compound


Catalyst Free based synthesis of Tetrakis Oxirane (Ylmehtyl) BisPhenyl Carbonodihydrazide with Multi- reactive group of Epoxides has been developed based on a sharpless Sym. Diphenylcarbazide in combination of hot Ethanol and Epichlorohydrin. A three-component cycloaddition of a 1, 5 diphenyl carbazide, hot ethanol and epichlorohydrin to form a highly functionalized Tetrakis hydroxy chloro diphenyl carbazide (THCDPC) serves as the foundation for the synthesis of Tetrakis Oxiranes (ylmethyl) bisphenyl carbonodihydrazide (TOY-BPCH). The resulting product is followed by the neutralization with NaOH. Employing this approach, the hydrophobic neutral based multi-reactive group of oxiranes bisphenyl carbonodihydrazide was synthesized in two steps and shown it 80% yield. The structure of the newly synthesized compound was characterized on the basis of FTIR, ¹H-NMR and LC-MS spectral data.

Keyword: 1, 5-diphenylcarbazide, Epichlorohydrin, Hot Ethanol, Sod Hydroxide


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