53 Investigation of methyl phenyl sulfide electro-oxidation in environmentally friendly media by graphite electrode and Ni modified graphite electrode


Ni particles with a so simple procedure were deposited on the graphite rod, and the performance of the proposed electrode was investigated for electrocatalytic oxidation of  methyl phenyl sulfide in acidic media. It was found that performance of the Ni-modified electrode for oxidation of sulfide is successful. Voltammetric and amperometric studies showed, lower onset potential and higher anodic current density for methyl phenyl sulfide oxidation by Ni modified graphite electrode.

In addition to these advantages, due to use of acetic acid as biodegradable solvent, makes this a cost-effective and environmentally benign methodology.

Keyword: Methyl phenyl sulfide­, electrocatalytic oxidation, Graphite electrode, Nickel


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