66 Pressure Pulse Testing In Reservoirs


 Multiple -well test (Interference and Pulse- Tests) are used to establish communication between wells and determine the inter- well reservoir properties. Both tests are conducted to determine the values of permeability (Kef) and porosity (Øef) pulse testing  has some additional advantage. It is more sensitive to unknown pressure trends in the reservoir. This paper presents details of contain theoretical and practical aspects. Working equations for reduction of pulse data The average value estimated  for porosity -compressibility  ΦCt =4.0 *10-7 psi-1. The pressure response in well -X1(Δ p1 = 2.65 psi) for even1, to a pulse sequence at well -X2(Δp2 =2.55psi) for even 2. Comparing the values (K and Φ) using for design we see that there is a large difference between Φ obtained from pulse testing, analysis result Φ= 0.04 and Φ obtained from electrical log analysis =0.096. So by pulse test design higher values of time lag (t L) between 18 to18.5hr, cycle time (Δt) is estimated in range between 60 to 62 hr, pulse length (Δtp)  is estimated between 36 to 38hr and smaller pressure response (Δp) between 2.55 to 2.6 psi were obtained for corresponding time. The values(ΦCt) or (Φef) probably smaller than the same data  obtained from electrical Log, and more real.



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