158Using optimization of energy storage systems for capacity and eliminate harmonics and balancing in the Rig Electrical System


The use of non-linear loads, power electronics, industrial controllers and current harmonic distortion can increase drilling tract. Fluctuations in the power system can be highly variable drilling rigs, causing lots of problems in them. Modeling and determining an appropriate method to compensate for power fluctuations is imperative. In this article, inverter control section parallel active filter design will be the storage base. To be able to participate and control, an active filter can be used to improve quality. Using power reserve enables power systems to control the production fluctuations, Increase system reliability, assist system in the frequency control and stability and makes the flat load curve involved in energy management. The model proposed for electrical system and it’s proper functioning, according to the simulation results in Matlab.

Keywords: Harmonic currents, power, inverter, Rig Electrical System, power reserve, Active filter.

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