218Use of coal for electricity generation in Iran (with regard to environmental issues)


Although our country has abundant reserves of coal, it has not used as fuel in power stations, and only a few in steel industry.  Use of coal will be an opportunity to use other fuels such as natural gas for export and high added value of the energy resources. It also reduces the problems associated with reliance in power stations fuels such as natural gas, especially in the winter.  At the same time, it will causes economic prosperity (jobs) in the coal-rich areas of the country. The researche started by examining the coal-rich areas of like Tabas in the central area of Iran, afterwards it has proceeded with using of coal in power generation electricity, then it refers to reasons and advantages of coal in power generation electricity.  Finally, it proceeds with cost-effective strategies and programs of using coal energy to generate electricity with the purpose of maximum efficiency and minimum negative environmental impacts.

Keywords:Iran, coal, electricity, environment.

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