Synthesis and Chararcterization of Ionic Liquid-Bentonite Hybrid as Catalyst for Esterification Reaction


In this study, bentonite was modified with acidic ionic liquid and ionic liquid-bentonite hybrid characterized with XRD, BET and TGA analyses. The esterification of acetic acid with ethanol was studied over this hybrid and the effect of reaction temperature, type and amount of catalyst, molar ratio and reaction time was investigated. The results showed that the ionic liquid-bentonite hybrid had higher catalytic activity than sulfuric acid and able to catalyze the esterification of acetic acid to its ethyl ester in 2.5 h with yield of 98%. Finally, we studied the catalytic activity of ionic liquid-bentonite hybrid in the esterification of other carboxilic acids.

Keywords: Bentonite, Esterification, Ionic liquid, Nanopore