Analyzing the Framework for Management of Environmental Pollutants in the Direct Reduction Site of Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Mill


In this study, the direct reduction site of Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel mill was studied in the viewpoint of environmental management in four aspects: air pollutants, waste water, noise pollutants and solid wastes. After recognizing the production process and sources of pollutants in the studied site, sampling points were selected and during 6 months, quality parameters for waste water and air pollutants were defined. The results of this research show that the concentration of COD, BOD, Oil and TSS parameters in output waste water of the studied site were higher than national standards. Estimating the atmospheric pollutants (CO, NOX, SO2) in studied plan shows that these parameters are less than the allowable range defined by the Department of Environment. Another weather problem which can be mentioned in this site is iron oxide dust which is 50% to 70% fixable, controllable and reusable. In studying solid wastes in the site, totally 11 types of solid wastes were identified and eight of them were considered as hazardous wastes. Studying the noise pollutants in the site shows that the highest balance of noise pressure is 104 dB (A).

Keywords: Iron and steel industry; pollutants; the environment; hazardous wastes; direct reduction site