Potential Challenges of Life Cycle Assessment as a Tool for Green Chemistry


Green Chemistry is the term that is accepted widely for explaining the tendency towards sustainability and chemical processes and products that are more environmentally friendly. Life-Cycle Assessment is an important assessment tool for decision making; In particular, it can determine process stages exactly with a high environmental effect when it is applied throughout the planning phase. Therefore, it can provide guidelines regarding the optimization of applying the actual technology. Life cycle assessment has been described as a tool for comparing products and processes or different components during a life-cycle.

The current study provides a profound review with respect to the principal descriptions of Green Chemistry as well as Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool that evaluate environmentally the chemical products and processes. This paper tries to consider challenges of LCA methodologies to green chemistry as well.

Key words: Sustainability; Green Chemistry; Life-Cycle Assessment; Environmentally Friendly Chemical Processes and Products; Challenges of LCA

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