Photovoltaic Energy Generation Under Partial Shading Conditions


This paper presents analyzes the behaviour of a photovoltaic device (cell or module) under partial shading conditions. It can be used as a tool to study the effects of partial shading conditions on PV panels to optimize its operation. However, PV performance is often affected by solar insolation and shading. Often, the PV arrays get shadowed, completely or partially by the passing clouds, neighboring buildings and towers, tress, and utility or telephone poles. Yet, the shadowed arrays will result in loss in generation. This project objective is to observe or studied how much power produced by the PV under certain partial shading condition. In order to achieve that, a few method/model has been used. From all the models mention in this paper, only one is chosen that seems to be the suitable and easy to understand how it will be implemented. However, this technique still does not showed successful. Some improvement is needed to obtain the required result. As conclusion, this project objective is not achieved within the time given. The work that left undone is to come out with new program that combined the matrix and the programmed model.

Keywords: photovoltaic; solar;  model

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