Application of Glycerol by-product of Biodiesel Palm Oil as Potential Base Drilling Fluid


The development of an OBM from glycerol was carried out in this work. Glycerol used in this study, which is by-product of palm oil biodiesel industry, is a new alternative for OBM. In this study, crude glycerol will be purified using H3PO4 solution to increase the purity of glycerol from about 50% to more than 80% (Farobie, 2009). The characterization of glycerol properties include chemical compound, density, flash point, pour point, and cloud point.

The preliminary tests result indicates that purified glycerol can be used as synthetic OBM in accordance with the API standard and also can become the reference for this synthetic OBM development which is very potential due to its environmentally friendly characteristics and since it may be derived from the abundant and low cost raw materials from by-product of biodiesel production.

Keywords: Glycerol; purification; synthetic oil-based mud

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