The Application of Response Surface Methodology in Hydrotropic Microwave Assisted Extraction of Andrographolide


Andrographolide of Andrographis paniculata is reported has a broad category of pharmacological activity. Various attemps have been done in order to improve the andrographolide extraction performance. Hydrotropic-microwave assisted extraction provides an effective method in andrographolide extraction. In this study, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) along with central composite design (CCD) was applied to optimize the hydrotropic-microwave assisted extraction of andrographilde. The effect of extraction time (X1), solid-liquid ratio (X2), and hydrotropes concentration (X3) were investigated. The result showed that the most suitable condition for extraction of andrographolide was found to be extraction at 32,5 minutes, solid liquid ratio of 0,095 and hydrotropes concentration of 4M. The maximum extraction percentage experimentally (5,45%) was found to be very close to its predicted value. It was also found that hydrotropes concentration was the most influencing variable.

Keywords: andrographolide; hydrotrope; microwave asisted extraction;  response surface methodology

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