Impacts of Dams on the Chemical and Isotopic Properties in Damietta Branch of Nile River


Impacts of constructed dams on Damietta branch of river Nile were investigated for their effect on the chemical and isotopic composition of the Nile water in Damietta branch. Environmental isotopes, namely 2H and 18O were employed along with major chemical  ions to study the Damietta branch water characteristics. The three dams Delta, Zefta, and Faraskour, which are constructed on the branch segregate it into two main parts; fresh and marine character. Chemical and isotopic results show that Delta and Zefta dams affect evaporation, recharging and salination processes while Faraskour dam is totally isolate the last sector of the branch and make it with marine character. Isotopic techniques prove that the salination of the last sector was due to the intrusion of Mediterranean seawater rather than the up-effluent from saline groundwater.

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