73 Studies of Multi-Functional (Physicochemical) Properties of Cotton Fabric by Applying Different Formulations of Finishing Agent


A multifunctional textile finish is synthesized to manage more than one characteristics of cotton fabric in single formulation. Formulation of multifunctional finish constituted on 2g modified starch, 10ml of acrylic acid, 3% chitosan, 2.5% sodium hypophosphite (catalyst), 4% citric acid (cross linking agent) and potassium persulfate (initiator). This multifunctional textile finish is synthesized under pre-dry condition of 85°C for 60 sec and cured at 180°C for 90 sec while pH of solution was adjusted at 4 for better results of cross linking on fabric and making strong bond with cellulosic content of cotton fabric.

Keyword: Multi-functional Finish, Modified Starch, Chitosan, Sodium Hypophosphite


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