12Numerical Analysis of the Induced Electric Field Effects on Combustion parameters and Reducing Emissions of Swirling Flame of Hydrocarbon Fuels


The aim of this study is to investigate and analize the effects of electric field on combustion pollutants such as CO2, NO???? and other contaminants including Soot. The main method used for evaluation of effective parameters and variables such as temperature, voltage, intensity of rotation of air-fuel mixture and fuel-dependent variables including physical and chemical properties of fuel. The results of simulation and experiments show that the positive potential of central electrode increases the flame temperature in the combustion chamber and near the wall which means the wall is closer to the flame. By exerting the field, it was found that the percentage change in the main pollutants carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides such as nitrogen monoxide have decreased by 8 and 6%, respectively. While the field is exerted, flame speed and subsequently flame energy has also increased. Negative polarity also increases the concentration of positive ions in the center of flame. As well as the positive polarity, reverse flow has been observed here. In a electric field of 3 kV and positive polarity, heat transfer to the walls is almost 52 percent higher than when there is no electric field.


electric field, combustion, CO2, NOx, Cold Plasma, heat transfer, Combustion optimization, pollution reduction



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