Reducing the Amount of Oil in the Water (PW) by Electrocoagulation Method (EC)


The electrocoagulation: is the metal dissolution AL / FE electrical current passes through the electrode, the anode, the ions immediately polymer or aluminum hydroxide, is hydrolyzed.Impurities present in the sample during chemical reactions and physical and electrical analysis, the colloidal material has become, then the flotation, sedimentation and filtration, the environment can be removed. To obtain the highest efficiency performance of the cell model monopolar be used. In this study, present in the water removal Hydrocarbon together analysis’s oil output they Parameters I am determined, contains about 30% by volume of the oil is extracted from the water and We hope, given the relatively large size and with a view to increasing need of water resources and Industrial use, particularly in areas of low water, and dry, You could use this process to improve the quality of formation water samples in order to achieve a suitable use of (Agriculture / Irrigation / Industrial / Forestation etc)’s future Industrial’s surface advantage.

Keywords: electrocoagulation, aluminium electrode, produced water, monopolar model.

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