Determination of Suitable Filtration System in Order to Water Recovery for Processing Plant Tailing Thickener Underflow in the GoleGohar Mining & Industrial Company


Most water recovery of mineral processing plants is done using of thickeners and filters. Filter included a porous surface with pressure drop on both sides, Water in the pulp passes through the surface and solid particles remain as a cake on it. The amount of non-renewable water processing plant waste thickener underflow is 41 m3/h. In this research, Suitable filtration system for waste thickener of mineral processing plant in the Gol-E-Gohar mining & industrial company was determined. Filtration in laboratory scale using of vacuum top-feed leaf test and pressure method was do. Results showed that moisture of filter cake in pressure system is 7.5% lower than moisture of filter cake in vacuum system (in different thickness). Also, Water recovery in pressure system is 14 % more than in vacuum system. In general, by taking a step pressure filtration after thickener, 31.5 m3/h water is recovery. Results showed that moisture and water recovery in the pressure method is desirable, that costs associated with transfer and accumulation of wet cakes is reduces.

Keywords: Vacuum Filter; Particle Size; Gol-e-Gohar; Vacuum Top-Feed Leaf.