Study of Control Against Mange Mite (Sarcoptes Scabiei) in Naturally Infested Rabbits in Sohag Governorate


The present study aim to evaluate and compare the efficacy of Normectin injection, Paraffin oil, Mange cide on body surface and all methods used one time, against Sarcoptes scabiei infestation the face, nose, ears, and feet in rabbits farm at the experimental station of the Faculty of Agriculture at Sohag University during 2013 year. I found that the best results in controlling rabbit scabies were obtained when used Normectin injection, paraffin oil and mange cide (one time) on body surface of rabbits mange compared with other methods. Normectin injection and paraffin oil (one time) on ear mange In these methods all rabbits returned to normal conditions (normal skin) after an average of, 7-10 days in face and 7-15 on feet and 7-15 on ear mange mites.

Key words: Rabbit; Sarcoptes; Mange cide; Mange mite; Paraffin oil; Normectin; Normal skin.

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